Projecto.Detalhe, in partnership with Norvia, is developing for SIFI | ELTON the construction of a new Oil Storage and Distribution Terminal in Port of Bargny, Sendou, 25 km away from Dakar in Senegal.

The petroleum depot is located on the new Mineral Port which has a total area of 484 hectares and includes a zone for minerals, a zone for hydrocarbons and for other industrial activities.

The main goal of this depot is to increase the existing storage capacity of refined petroleum products to meet the growing demand of petroleum products in Senegal and nearby markets.

This new terminal will receive, store and distribute Gasoline, Jet A1, Gasoil, Fuel Oil and Bitumen to Senegal and external markets.

The project includes four pipelines from the manifold, twenty storage tanks, truck loading and unloading facilities, and pumping stations.

In this project, Projecto.Detalhe provides engineering in the mechanical, civil, metallomechanics and electricity specialties.