LPG pipeline in Aveiro (Portugal) has a new layout

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An engineering project that rehabilitates the Vouga River estuary

Projecto.Detalhe developed the Engineering Project to Change the Layout of the LPG Pipeline in the Port of Aveiro, located in the Liquid Bulk Terminal (LBT) of the Port of Aveiro, Portugal.

The LPG Terminal is located on a plot of land in the River Vouga estuary, in the Liquid Bulk Terminal of the Port of Aveiro, where products are received by ship and shipped by tanker trucks. It consists of a sea pier for mooring ships, a pipeline for connecting the pier to the storage facility and an Island of Filling to supply tanker trucks.

This is a huge project for this installation, since it allows the removal of the water line and frees up more space for maneuvering on the embankment attached to the pier,  it contributes to the protection of the environment and to the safety conditions of operation.

Projecto.Detalhe, was in charge of all Civil, Mechanical, Process and Electricity engineering, as well as the Technical Assistance service for the rehabilitation work.

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